Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby B at 2 months

Oh little Miss Smiley! You are such a sweetie pie. You literally sleep the whole day until Papi comes home, (You're missing lots of good shopping and coffee dates!) then you pretty much hang out in our arms until bedtime. Crazy enough you're sleeping 6-8hrs in a row at night too. Must be your inactivity that packed on over 2lbs this month! You weigh 12.15lbs and are 22.6 inches tall. You have just started to smile and coo and well... I could just stare at you all day long. We started Mommy and Baby yoga this month. You chill for the first part and then like to curl up with me at the end for "relaxation". This pretty much knocks you out. You took your first trip to Bilbao this month and did super on the car ride. Off now for many more adventures!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Begoña is 1 month!

Begoña Anne! You are 1 month old. I never knew I could love you so much. Your big sister, Carolina, adores you- and so do we. You have pretty much slept the whole month of August- but in this heat, who can blame you. You have grown soooo much. You are 9lbs 11oz and 21in long. You love sleeping on your belly during the day and in the swaddle at night. You cry like a little puppy dog, but luckily just a little at night. You curl your little feet and bottom up and will lay on my chest all day long. I never want this to change! Such a joy you are in our lives! 

Fiestas de Bilbao

Quick weekend trip to Bilbao to celebrate the summer fiestas!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Look who came to visit!

Begoña, you are so loved! All these special people came to see you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to the world Begoña Anne

Begoña Anne de Abiega Richards came into this world on August 2, 2014. Weighing 3.55kilos (7.8lbs) and measuring 51cm (21cm), she is an absolute doll baby! Bego (spanish nickname) or Begs (in english) was born in Madrid at Clinica San Jose at 2pm. We're now settled at home with lots of help from Abuela, Tio Alberto, Tia Maria and Tio Asier, Grammie and Delia. Big Sister Carolina is in Love and so are we!!! Here we go as a family of 4!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heading to the Sierra!

The Riches have moved! We're still in the Madrid area, but we've headed 20 minutes further north to the foot of the Sierra de Madrid to San Agustin de Guadalix. Double the space- half the cost! We just couldn't pass that up. So after 2 weeks of hard labor, we have finally settled into our new home. I was more than sad to leave our last home. It was in the most perfect location- a perfect terrace overlooking the city- and the absolute best neighbors. We will for sure miss the location and the wonderful people, but can't complain about the space and tranquility we have now. (bedrooms, nursery and upstairs terrace still under construction =)

our living room/dining room area connected to the terrace
My fav! The kitchen, newly remodeled and complete with a washer/DRYER! That's right folks- we found a dryer in Spain!!
Rick finally gets his own music room
relaxing out back- overlooking the mountains and back gate to the pool and greenway

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 4th on the 5th

Friends of the 4th! The closer it got to July 4th, the more I realized I would be terribly home sick. It's the first year in many we haven't been on the lake in Tennessee. And well- for the Richards, July 4th is like a 2nd Christmas. So in the midst of us changing houses and preparing for baby, the only logical thing to do was throw a July 4th bash (on the 5th). I love this crew! These are my mom and baby friends I've known since Carolina was born and a few of my neighbors who have become super dear to me. So here you have our crew- coming from Germany, Indonesia, Holland, UK, Peru, Spain and the US. God bless the USA (and everywhere else!)

Our Group Shot
Miss America

Birte and I, 4 weeks apart
Pinterest inspired Red, White and Blue drink
The de Abiega Richards- July 2014
enjoying her first ice cream of her own
My super duper friend Fia- decked out in RW&B
Momma's and Babies