Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby B at 8 months

8 months and you still seem so little to me! Though you sit on your own and do the occasional roll, not much chance of you crawling or climbing away just yet! You started solids- carrots, potatoes, peas, chicken- this month. Ummmm No Thanks! You seem to just be interested in the sweet fruits and cereal. What faces you make when we try to feed you and tightening up those lips!! You like to grab for anything in sight and are waving with your fingers. You don't use a paci or a lovey to sleep with, but still such a happy little thing!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby B at 7 months

March 2nd-
My little sweet bug, you are half a year old! Your tongue stays outside your mouth at all times and you are starting to make a lot more noise- Mama.... Papa..... We are loving your open mouth, super wet kisses!! Going to sleep is easy breezy, and now with a little work you only get up once during the night. Woohoo!!  You started fruits and though you're not a big fan, a bit of a bottle. And still the happiest little baby you ever did see!

Baby B at 6 months

February 2nd-
Good thing you're so cute, cause the only thing I seem to remember about this month is you NEVER slept during the night. Smiled all the time during the day, enjoyed cuddling at home with Mommy during the day, lots of coffee outings and shopping trips to stay warm- but absolutely NO sleep!! Still such a cutie though!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby B at 5 months

Guapa! My sunshine smiley girl! You have spent this whole month with a smile on your face. Even tonight when you had your shots, you were super smiley (until you felt the after effect!) You just took your first trip to the US and spent 5 weeks with everyone loving all over you. Your first Christmas and I remember you being so quiet all day long- just sleeping and smiling. On our last night there we chanted and chanted and you finally rolled over- with Babaw watching you! You weigh 7.07 kilos (15.6lbs) and are 64cm (25in) tall, all chubby legs and cheeks! And those cheeks loved to be kissed. My precious baby girl! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby B at 4 months

Hello Baby Girl, 
You just grow and grow- bigger and more beautiful each day. You love to chew your hand, drool all over the place and squeal. (Still no paci!) Your biggest smiles come when your sister lays all over you. The most precious is when we're all in our hustle and bustle, look down and you're just starring up with your big dark eyes smiling like crazy. You are so alert, sit with your neck and head so strong and are on your way to rolling over. Don't ask about sleeping- clearly your travels have taken a wild toll on your nights!!! You took your first plane ride to Denmark to visit Mommy's work and a week later boarded a plane to meet your family and friends in Tennessee. They were in love at first sight! (You just have that effect on people). Though I wish time would stand still, i just love seeing you grow and discover new things.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Baby B at 3 months

Little B, you know how to wear a smile! You are the happiest baby I've seen. You have smiled for 1 month straight. And even at 3 months, you sleep all day long- especially well on your tummy. You hold your neck and head so well, you sleep 6-9 hrs straight at night. You eat great and it shows! You love to have your tummy rubbed, you love your sister's super wet kisses and licks on the head. You are great at Yoga class and seem to be so relaxed as soon as we enter the door- though relaxation pose is your fav and always puts you in a deep sleep! Your legs are still as chunky as ever and your cheeks just as fun to squeeze. Our little Begoxu- how we love you!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Carolina is 2 years old!

Our little C grew up over night! Literally the night B was born, it seemed like she aged a ton. The past 6 months have flown by- she is little Miss Independant. Everything is "sola". As always, she loves to sing (with the sweetest little voice) and loves to dance (the living room table is her "stage"). She talks up a storm- sometimes in sentences, sometimes just with every word she knows thrown together. She is speaking spanish and english both, depending on the words (more spanish than english). In spanish she is "dos", english "three" :-). She can count to 10 in both languages, but skips "six"?? She knows her spanish days of the week. Everything is "aqui" or "que susto" and "cookie" seems to top it all. This girl can eat! And eats anything you put in front of her, except pieces of fruit. She aaaaadores Begoña- kisses her, lays on her and says "i hold you". She is attached to chupe (her paci) and lamb lamb. In the past few months C has moved houses, gained a sister and started a new school- and has been such a trooper!! Precious and a joy to be around and well.....all this surpasses the recent tantrums that have started (the "mios", "no's" and screams). Who would ever know from this sweet face?!!