Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3 Months Old

All smiles! Sweet girl is 3 months old (Jan 22nd) and happy as can be. You weigh 11 pounds, 14 ounces and are 22.6 inches tall. What a change between month 2 and 3. We're finally on a nice routine that includes sleeping 6 (sometimes 8) hours in a row at night! and then another 3 or 4!! (going to sleep to your Rock-a-bye Baby cd's has helped a ton!) You don't seem to very interested in daytime naps- there is way too much else to see. Lucky for us the nights spent by the kitchen fan have dwindled down and you now spend your evenings practicing your vowel sounds and perfecting those dimples. Your eyes are wide open at all times (still blueish/grey), very often without blinking and now that you can hold your head up straight you love to look around and see the world. You spent Christmas in Tennessee and New Years in Bilbao- our traveling little girl. You had your first cold, but stayed so happy the whole time. 3 months old suits you well sweet girl.

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Walters Press said...

I'm dying to meet her!