Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 months old

Our little hand holder! We have spent the past month holding hands the whole day long. At times I´ve even had to push you down the street holding your hand- in order to avoid meltdowns! You and your hair are growing so much. I don´t even recognize the little baby from 1 month old. You have the sweetest darkest eyes (now a bit blueish/brownish) and you keep those things wide open at all times. You weigh 13.85 lbs and are 24.6 inches tall. You are finally starting to nap during the day, eating every 4 hours and sleeping 7-9 hours thru the night. You can easily hold your head up, flip from your stomach to your back and when holding on to the couch you can stand on your own. You talk up a storm, but your sweet and new little giggles are my favorite. Everything you do now is my favorite.

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